Union Park Prairie School

A stunning example of Prairie School architecture, this house was designed by Bentley & Hausler and was built in 1915. Longtime followers of our Studio’s work, the homeowners called on us to restore and reconsider the kitchen, back entry, and second floor bedrooms and bathrooms while respecting the building’s historical significance.

This was our opportunity to combine restoration principles with remodeling, while sensitively moving the house forward into the 21st century by incorporating modern amenities. The details in the kitchen and other remodeled areas take their cues from the original details that remained, as well as other prairie-style precedents.  Light fixtures were custom-made to compliment the original Bentley & Hausler designed fixtures still present in the house.

In addition, we worked with the homeowners to select period-appropriate fixtures, hardware, accessories, and paint colors throughout the house.


Saint Paul, Minnesota


Susan Gilmore


Tim Lemke Construction