University Grove Residence

A veritable catalog of architectural styles, the University Grove neighborhood features the work of Minnesota architects from the last century—Lundie, Close, and Rapson, among others. Each house evokes the design sensibilities of the era in which they were built. As the first new house to be constructed in this distinguished context in more than 25 years, we designed this project to embody the design philosophy of today as clearly as the other homes reflect their respective eras. Instead of reviving the past, this house claims its place in the timeline of contemporary styles.

Our design is rooted in 20th century modernism, but acknowledges the contemporary philosophies of our time. Natural materials and simple geometric shapes unite the building and site and define the functions inside. The garage with its green roof shields the private spaces from the public and frames the entrance progression. The living spaces are revealed through layers of increasing privacy and overlapping programs, opening to the natural landscape beyond.


Falcon Heights, Minnesota


Susan Gilmore


Welch Forsman