Tangletown Mediterranean Villa

When this Mediterranean Villa-style house burned, the loss to the family was painful and disorientating. Consuming the roof and much of the second floor, the fire was terrible enough. Water damage throughout the rest of the house necessitated extensive reconstruction.

Our clients wanted to remain true to the building’s original 1928 design while making thoughtful changes to outdated areas of the building. The original kitchen was small, cramped, and didn’t meet the needs of a modern family. A family room occupied the original attached garage; sitting at grade, the room was cold, poorly finished, and had no relationship to the kitchen.

We raised all to one level and switched the location of the family room and kitchen, improving circulation throughout the entire area. The kitchen and dining room remain connected by a new butler’s pantry. All rooms have a continuity of materials, so the space feels contiguous rather than disjointed.


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Susan Gilmore




Frost Cabinets